Home Staging Ideas for Elegant Entertaining

If you own a beautiful home, you’ll surely want to show it off from time to time by hosting an elegant gathering or cocktail party. While you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of food and drinks available for your guests, you’ll also need to stage your home in such a way that it allows for the best party experience.

Making a Plan

The first thing to do is make a plan for your party. Determine approximately how many guests will be attending and which rooms of your home will be available. You’ll need to make a list of what furniture you’ll keep in place, what you’ll move out of the way, and what you’ll need to rent or borrow. Draw up a quick floor plan so you aren’t moving furniture around willy-nilly.

Arranging Furniture

The bar is likely the central area of the party, so you’ll want to place it strategically. Put the bar area in a place where there is plenty of room to approach it, and away from food and seating areas.

Seating areas are also important and should allow for conversation. Don’t forget to place tables strategically around sofas and chairs so guests can set down their food and drinks.

Traffic flow is an important consideration when staging your home for a party. Leave room for a walking path and set up the room to allow for optimal traffic flow.

Move unneeded furniture into bedrooms or the garage which will likely not be accessible to guests. If you need extra seating areas or tables you don’t have, you can rent them for a day or two which typically isn’t very expensive.

If you are serving a meal you may want to move your dining room table into the living room to allow more space around it.

Placing furniture in front of doors can show your guests which rooms are off limits. You can also place candles and other decorations on the bottom steps of a staircase to keep the party downstairs.

The Best Parties Start with the Best Homes

Before you can even begin to prepare to host a party, you’ll need to find the right home to entertain guests in. VUE Newport offers Bayfront living with panoramic Newport Harbor views and direct marina access. Contact us today to learn more.